"I would highly recommend Chris to any school, any age group and any one wanting a brilliant time!"
Lianne Sims
Year 4 lead, Exeter


“I knew it would be good and atmospheric but never expected it to be so musical. World Class. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Simon, after a performance at his 60th wedding anniversary party

“Chris entrances us with his own remarkable skills as a musician, then leads everyone through a range of exercises that enables even the complete novice to participate in a meaningful, and often hilarious, way.” – Ian Siddons Heginworth S.R.A.T. MPHil Specialist practitioner, Wild things project, Exeter

“It was great to see lots of different didgeridoos and for the children to have “bookless” storytelling.” – Tiffany England, Deputy Head Teacher, Orchid Vale, Swindon”

‘Chris has been running didgeridoo workshops for users of the rehab and recovery and acute mental health services here in Exeter for some time now. The on-site workshops take place in a small summerhouse in the hospital grounds and are proving so popular that we struggle to cram everyone in.”

Leanne Sims, Class teacher at Wynstream School said Chris “Engaged our children – including the challenging ones – on all levels making the whole session a thoroughly enjoyable, beneficial and educational experience.

“The children really loved the morning, especially having the opportunity to have a go at playing the didgeridoo. They loved playing musical statues too!”

“Chris is a confident, highly experienced, relaxed and playful tutor who puts everyone at their ease and makes an instrument that is notoriously difficult for a beginner to get anything other than rude noises out of accessible for everyone.”