As seen on Yolanda’s Band Jam on CBBC

Have a look at a quick ” short” on YouTube here:

“I knew it would be good and atmospheric but never expected it to be so musical. World Class. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”



The Bunbury Bashes – where Eric Clapton said “HI” and asked ” So how do you circular breathe?” I got a didge signed by the great man himself.

I love to perform and play for people at special events. The sound is mesmerising and entrancing. I am employed for:

  • for launch parties,
  • opening ceremonies,
  • folk festivals,
  • private functions and parties
  • weddings…
  • rates (from £350) that include donations to Survival International the tribal peoples rights organisation.
Performing in Pall Mal
Performing in the Dorchester, Pall Mal


At the UK launch of Aquatica Theme Park, Florida, autumn 2007


Opening ceremony at the Centre for Ancient Technology ‘Didgefest’