Didgeridoo, Australia and aboriginal earth art workshops

With Chris Holland - special guest on

'Didgeridoo Journey Workshops'

Didgeridoo Journey Workshops are Didgeridoo and Australia topic workshops for school, festivals, kids parties, office parties, youth groups, community groups, occupational therapy…and more.

What can we didgeri-do?

  • Listen to Chris telling a dreamtime tale of the first time a didgeridoo was played
  • Learn about Aboriginal Australian words for didgeridoos (didgeridoo is an English word!)
  • Find out that Aboriginal Australians see themselves as part of the landscape and that everything has a spirit to it – including a didgeridoo
  • Everyone gets a practice didgeridoo to play and learn on
  • Aboriginal style animal form dance
  • Earth Painting with paints made from earth from your school grounds
  • Environmental land art maps
  • Aboriginal style bushcraft and nature awareness games and activities
  • Didgeridoo making and decorating * Ask Chris for more details

Prices from £200 (for up to a half day) to £350 for a whole day, plus travel.

Reductions for multi day visits

I am available for hour long demos too…

Earth-painting with paints made from the earth in your school grounds!

 A typical workshop day with, two classes for example, starts with a

  1. 25-45 min assembly for all (whole school if you like!)
  2. followed by two didgeridoo playing workshops – one for each class, before lunch
  3. Chris makes earth pigment paints using earth from the school grounds and the extra pigments he brings
  4. Aboriginal style earth pigment painting session on calico after lunch
  5. Plenary at the end of the day for more stories!

But as you know, each school/group is unique, so do get in touch and lets make a plan for you! 

didgeridoo workshop, didgeridoo workshops

didgeridoo workshop

Here are some more pictures of the earth pigment paintings we do on calico:


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