Chris ‘daku’ Holland – The Didgeridoo Man

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And now doing online Zoom meetings, assemblies, performances and fun,  inspirational celebrations!

HI! Chris Holland here.

I am a professional didgeridoo player, author, storyteller, nature connection & creative outdoor learning practitioner based in Devon, but travelling nationally and internationally.

Through my work some people label me as an “Environmental Arts Activist.”

Since COVID 2020 I am keen to reduce my carbon footprint and deliver online assemblies & performances where possible.

In 2019 I was lucky enough to feature on Yolanda’s Band Jam and My World Kitchen on CBBC, and in 2020 on BBC Radio 5 live.

Playing didgeridoo connects me to my breath, the rhythm of the moment and the place I am playing in.

I think it is such an ancient and earthy sound.

I am reminded I am part of Nature – it’s one of the reasons I like playing and teaching so much.

I have provided hundreds of didgeridoo and Australia topic workshops in schools since 1999.

I have been given the Aboriginal name Daku, it means ‘sand hill’ in the Dayari language – which I think was amazing, because the person who gave me the name lived hundreds of miles away from my home, and had never been there… and there is a round sand hill just behind my house! 

If you want to know a bit more about my story, please see the ‘ABOUT’ page, thanks.

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“I would highly recommend Chris to any school, any age group and any one wanting a brilliant time!”
Leanne Sims
Leanne SimsClass Teacher, Exeter
“I knew it would be good and atmospheric but never expected it to be so musical. World Class. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Simon60th Wedding Anniversary Party
“Chris entrances us with his own remarkable skills as a musician, then leads everyone through a range of exercises that enables even the complete novice to participate in a meaningful, and often hilarious, way.”
Ian HegginworthNHS


I provide excellent Australia, didgeridoo and aboriginal earth art workshops for schools and festivals. So basically I do didgeridoo workshops and tuition for children and for adults of all ages and what form they take depends on needs and desired outcomes.

I perform didgeridoo music & re-tell stories, dreamtime and others, to audiences big and small


I deliver outstanding, fun and effective team building events too, as well as giving one to one lessons to private students.

I am grateful to all those that have gone before me… ancestors, explorers, my teachers and all the tubes of wood, plastic, metal, pottery and hoover pipes that have enabled me to play didgeridoo today!

Thanks for reading this far too!

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