Didgeridoo Performance for the BBC

Meeting Yolanda was one of the highlights of this performance. She is such fun, a bright and generous soul with jolly musicality. I felt relaxed and confident in her presence.

It was fun to be under the bright lights of the studios setting, but I did feel a bit hesitant and reserved at times… but that was mostly the unfamiliarity I think.

To be honest I think the children were a bit distracted by the moving lights and bright colour and enveloping sounds…but it was great to see them joining in with making the sound effects… and even having a go at playing the practice didgeridoos (I can’t remember whether that part got through to the final edit).

I am hopeful that the publicity will bring in some extra work… we shall see what happens!

The programme is only available on player for a month after screening… but here is the link incase you see this post before the link expires!