didgeridoo music – a few thoughts from Chris

Didgeridoo Music ??? some thought from Chris Holland

The sound of the didgeridoo music is unlike any other music. It is so rich in harmonics, both high and low, that the whole body seems to fill with the sound, and when the didge stops playing, it seems like the whole world begins anew in the ripples of silence flowing out into space.

A few years after I started playing didge I took an interest in the healing qualities of didgeridoo music, along with other native instruments like singing bowls flutes. A physicist will tell you that we are mostly made of sound??? simply vibrating atoms moving around in space in such away as to appear like a solid being. As such, the whole of creation is mostly sound; ???in the beginning was the word??? and all that! Every sound we make, every breath we make playing the didgeridoo created a sound that has effects through time and space, affects the dreaming that makes up the world we share with all other beings. From the little research I have been done over the years it seems it???s the intention behind the sounds made that ultimately makes the difference ??? however, I find that a little hard to believe that thrash metal could be made to have healing vibes if done with loving intentions behind every note!

If you want read a detailed article in the healing power of sound, by an amazing woman who healed herself from breast cancer with sound, try this link http://www.healingmusic.org/Main/What_Is_Healing.htm 

Live didgeridoo music really does something for me, especially if I am in a dancing mood??? my feet and lower body have to just get moving! Music from a stereo has a similar, but not quite so strong effect. However, that pales into insignificance when compared to the effect didge music had on a lady I used to play for every week. The lady in question was incredibly sensitive to airborne chemicals and pollutants, so much so that she couldn???t live in a house painted with anything except the most inert paints, had to live away from farmers who sprayed insecticides, and would have breathing problems when certain glues were used. She was so sensitive that she could taste the metal of the cutlery she used! Anyway, she asked me to play didgeridoo music for her because it enabled her to breathe properly, deeply, without the aid of oxygen. Infact, she said didgeridoo music was more effective at helping her relax and breathe than oxygen out of a bottle. I wish I know what was going on at a cellular or atomic level to facilitate this enhanced breathing, and I know that it was more than simply my intention as a healer!

My didgeridoo music in Fundijeri is very light hearted, but the intention is also for earth healing, and that includes everything on and in the earth, simply a little prayer from me to you and all you relations.

May all be well and groovy!