didgeridoo and storytelling teambuilding workshop


Great fun was had recently at the Magdalen Project. I was asked to delver an entertaining evening workshop on storytelling and didgeridoo with the Envision Charity as a precursor to knowledge ecologist Ron Donaldson doing some story based work with the regional teams the next day.

Jennie Butterworth, Envision CEO, had this to say about it:

"Totally perfect evening in my book and a great one for Envision some serious points put across in a fun and entertaining way is what always impresses us.
Chris and Ron should definitely do more together – it worked really well having you inspire people before the workshops.
Here are some photos – I am expecting some more and will send them over to you when I get them.
“at our residential conference we really want people to let their hair down and enjoy themselves in the evenings – but to be fresh the next day. This was perfect we all had a great time – a massive amount of fun together and some wonderful stories that sent people to bed happy and sober!  Obviously people at Envision are pretty passionate about environmental issues – so it was great that the stories had deep meanings as well as being entertaining.  Chris told them in so many different ways becoming so many different characters.  He makes a very good jumping spider! ”